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Caring for Our Community and Those in Need

The Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center is committed to providing state-of-the-art oncology care to all members of our community. We realize that families vary in their extent of insurance coverage and in personal financial situations. We have a Patient Account Representative available to meet with you regarding your insurance coverage. Some patients do not have any medical insurance coverage. A Patient Account Representative is willing to review your insurance coverage (if any) and financial situation with you. In cases where patients or families anticipate that they will have difficulty in paying for services, we work with them to find mutually agreeable financial arrangements.

For those indigent or uninsured patients, they may also submit a Financial Hardship Application with their pay stubs or W9 forms to The Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center. We will review the application and make adjustments in the fees based on Federal Poverty Income Guidelines. We also have a full-time Social Worker, Melissa Seres (575-5511), who will work with patients and families to apply for Medicaid benefits, if applicable to the situation.

You should know that the Administration is open to developing a payment plan that is tailored to meet unique financial situations. Please feel free to call our Patient Accounts Representative at 203-575-5518. We care for our community and those in need.

Kevin Kniery
Executive Director