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At the Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center, we are privileged to provide the best community cancer care available for each patient.  Our blog serves as an extension of this care, offering community-based resources on a wide array of cancer-related healthcare topics.

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Giving Your Immune System a Boost: Is it Possible?

There are more than 1000 supplements currently available in stores and online that claim to boost one’s immunity. Their claims to fend off infection, help you bounce back from injuries, reduce the likelihood of cancer and other diseases, and prevent damage from environmental pollutants are just a few of the purported benefits. Who wouldn’t want to swallow them by the fistful? But do they work?

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by Karen Sabbath, MS, RD, CSO  |    |  Comments 

Protecting Yourself Against Skin Cancer

Summer is on its way, which means more time spent outdoors. While getting fresh air and exercise is a great way to improve and maintain your health, there’s one thing about the summer sun that isn’t so positive: skin cancer.

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Posted 5/2/2018

Leever’s Look Good Feel Better Program Boosts Confidence in Women with Cancer

A cancer diagnosis brings significant challenges—not just physical, but mental and emotional as well.

For women, dealing with the physical trials associated with cancer and cancer treatment can be exacerbated by appearance-related side effects, including hair loss, changes in skin tone, and dramatic swings in body weight. Far from being trivial, those appearance-related issues can be devastating to a woman’s self-esteem, body image, social functioning, and sense of self.

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Posted 3/5/2018

Dilemma: Eating Healthy Dinners When You Don't Have Time

It takes too long. I don’t have time. Too much chopping. Everyone eats at a different time. I don’t have the right ingredients.   These are just a few of the comments people make when asked about making homemade healthy meals.

According to a study reported in Business News Daily, Americans spend 23 hours a week emailing, texting, and using social media. Imagine how well you could eat if you used some of that time to prepare healthy food, or maybe even get in a walk! With a small amount of planning, food that is prepared at home can be delicious, easy to make, and healthier than fast food or take-out. Let’s get started!

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by Karen Sabbath, MS, RD, CSO  | 

Leever Offers "Building Your Self-Care Toolbox" Program

When you're dealing with cancer treatment, it's easy to let stress take over. To help patients cope with that stress, and as part of the Leever Cancer Center's dedication to providing comprehensive cancer support services to our patients and their families, we offer the "Building Your Self-Care Toolbox” program, a series of no-cost workshops for patients and caregivers.

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Posted 12/11/2017

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Hype or Hope?

We've all seen and heard the ads: "Headache? Toothache? Joint pain? Muscle soreness? Take an anti-inflammatory." Products like aspirin, steroids, ibuprofen (Motrin and Advil, for example) and other NSAIDS, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are used by many to help manage the pain caused by inflammation. But what if there were foods that could also help to reduce inflammation? Would you be game to try them?

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by Karen Sabbath, MS, RD, CSO  |