The Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center
Our state-of-the-art, 40,000-square-foot facility offers everything to treat cancer, all under one roof.
Our highly respected, multidisciplinary physicians and healthcare professionals are trained in the most sophisticated cancer care techniques.

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The private practice physicians affiliated with The Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center are among the finest in the area, and are dedicated to your care.


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Food for thought: Making the most of what you eat

We’ve all seen ads for “miracle” supplements that supposedly prevent or cure cancer or for special foods and/or diets that make tumors “melt away.” Many times, these claims are not based on sound clinical evidence, and people can end up spending a lot of money, with disappointing results. We don’t know why many cancers originate or develop, or why cure rates vary. Does that mean you should throw up your hands and give up, leaving all to chance and fate? Absolutely not! There is so much you can do!

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World Class Care, Right Next Door

At The Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center, you'll find leaders in cancer diagnosis and treatment, the most advanced equipment and technology for detection and treatment, and a wide variety of cancer programs and services—a comprehensive cancer center with an integrated team devoted to cancer care, conveniently located in the Waterbury area.

Our Mission

The mission of The Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center is to improve the health of the community by creating and fostering a patient and family-centered approach to high quality cancer care.


National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers American Cancer Society American College of Radiology