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At the Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center, we are privileged to provide the best community cancer care available for each patient. Our blog serves as an extension of this care, offering community-based resources on a wide array of cancer-related healthcare topics.

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The Sugar Dilemma

“I’ve been told to avoid all sugar and white flour since it can make my cancer grow. Is this true? Do I have to give up everything that I love?” The question about sugar and cancer is undoubtedly the most frequently asked nutrition question at the Leever Cancer Center, and it often creates fear in patients who are already anxious. The answer is complex and brings up many issues about the role that our food plays in preventing and/or promoting health and disease.

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Posted 5/28/2021

Should COVID-19 Put Your Screening and Treatment Plans on Hold?

“Fear of contracting the coronavirus in health care settings has dissuaded people  from screening, diagnosis, and treatment,” Norman E. Sharpless, MD, director of the National Cancer Institute, wrote in Science magazine. “In general, the earlier one receives cancer treatment, the better the results. Cancers being missed now will  still come to light eventually, but at a later stage and with worse prognoses.” 

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Posted 2/24/2021

Chocolate: Health or Hype?


Chocolate is one of America’s favorite foods and is often associated with love, comfort, and well-being. In fact, every year, Americans consume about eight billion pounds (11 pounds per person) and spend over $22 billion on chocolate. Halloween and Valentine’s Day are all about chocolate.

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Posted 2/9/2021