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Spotlight on: Radiation Therapists

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When undergoing radiation treatments at The Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center, you will meet Leever’s Radiation Therapists, who administer the doses of radiation prescribed to patients.

The Leever Cancer Center Radiation Therapist Team

As with every Leever team member, the main goal of the radiation therapy team, aside from providing the best medical care possible, is to make patients feel welcome and comfortable.

“Most people are apprehensive about the unknown when they first arrive,” says Kerrie Huria, Senior Therapist. “After a course of treatment, patients are often sad on their last day due to the bonds they have developed with our therapists. We develop a great camaraderie with them.”

Kerrie leads a team of eight radiation therapists. As Senior Therapist, it is her responsibility to work closely with the therapists, as well as to communicate and coordinate care between her department and Medical Oncology. “We have developed friendships throughout the years and have become a family,” Kerrie says of her team. “We combine old school with new school techniques, from our oldest to our newest therapist. Each team member brings unique strengths, which helps create individualized care for each patient. It really is a team effort.”

Kerrie has been with Leever for almost 25 years — even before it became the Leever Cancer Center. She enjoys working in a smaller environment, as opposed to a larger hospital setting. Initially she got into the field because both her grandmothers had breast cancer, and she has enjoyed being able use her skill and expertise to help others in the same situation.

“It has been so rewarding to help people over the years,” says Kerrie. “Together our team will continue to give the best of care!”