The Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center

Happy 10th Anniversary, Quilts that Care!

Members of the Quilts that Care board. Left to right: Maura Yerger;
Melissa Seres, HLRCC; Deb Van Steenbergen (QTC founder) and
Edna Wells.

As The Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center celebrates 20 years of caring for patients, we want to acknowledge another anniversary reached this year by one of our most beloved and generous partners: Quilts that Care.

This year marks 10 years in which Quilts that Care has been making beautiful quilts for cancer patients at the Leever Cancer Center. In that time, QTC has donated approximately 500 quilts to HLRCC and nearly 5,000 quilts overall.

Quilts that Care is a Waterbury-based charitable organization that was founded in April 2012 and has grown into a group of more than 60 volunteers. Each quilt is handmade by a single group member or a team of group members to provide warmth and comfort to those undergoing cancer treatment.

A huge thank you to the Quilts that Care organization and all the individuals involved for your continued generosity!

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