The Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center

Facebook Presentation Offers COVID-19 Information to the Waterbury Community

If you have questions about the coronavirus or the COVID-19 vaccines, The Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center encourages you to watch Ask the Doctor: COVID-19 Vaccine, a Facebook Live presentation held by the Waterbury Regional Chamber featuring  Dr. Justin Lundbye, Chief Medical Officer of Waterbury Hospital. The recorded presentation can be watched here:

In the presentation, Dr. Lundbye provides a comprehensive overview of COVID-19 and the vaccine, covering where the virus came from, how it works, the evolution of testing and treatment, and how Waterbury Hospital has dealt with the pandemic, including new procedures, changes in visitation policies, and allocation of medical resources.

Dr. Lundbye also explains what a virus is, how the COVID-19 vaccine is made, how safe it is, why it was developed so quickly, adverse reactions people have reported, and how herd immunity works.

After the presentation, Dr. Lundbye answers questions submitted from viewers, including whether a vaccinated person can spread the disease, when someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 can get the vaccine, whether allergies cause severe reactions to the vaccine, if vaccinated people still have to wear a face mask, whether other vaccines will affect the COVID-19 vaccine, and how to sign up to receive the vaccine in the Waterbury area.

“Everyone has a lot of questions about COVID-19 and the vaccines that are now becoming available, and this presentation is an excellent way to get some answers from a local expert,” said Kevin Kniery, Executive Director of The Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center. “The Waterbury community is lucky to have such a thorough overview provided by Dr. Lundbye, as well as careful answers to questions from real people in our community.”