The Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center

20th Anniversary Pizza Party

Dr. Victor Chang and Deborah Parkinson, HLRCC Operations Director, in front of the La Tavola pizza truck.

At the Leever Cancer Center, our people make all the difference, so we invited staff members to a special gathering outside on Tuesday, September 27th to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Janet Hubert and Christina Kidulas, HLRCC nuclear technologists.

Everyone had the opportunity to socialize and enjoy pizza, salad, cappuccino, espresso, and gelato from the La Tavola Pizza Truck.

Front row (left to right): Dr. Kert Sabbath, Katrina Chang, Sophia Chang, Dr. Victor Chang and Mireille Chang.
Back row: Kevin Kniery, HLRCC Executive Director, and Dr. Joseph Ravalese, III.