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9 Ideas for a Quick Energy Boost

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Next time you could use an energy boost, try one of these quick pick-me-ups.

  1. Take a walk: Exercise, even mild exercise, is one of the best ways to improve your energy levels, and it will make you feel better mentally too.
  2. Have a snack: If you’re feeling  sluggish, have a small, nutritious snack like nuts, fruit, veggies, yogurt, or a hard-boiled egg.
  3. Take a cat nap: Experts say even a quick 20-minute nap will leave you refreshed without interfering with  your nighttime sleep routine.
  4. Go outside: Being outdoors is a great energy and mood booster, even if it’s just sitting on the porch watching the birds.
  5. Call a friend: Sometimes hearing a friendly voice is enough to lift your mood and improve your sense of  well-being.
  6. Laugh: Laughter releases endorphins that increase energy levels and reduce stress and anxiety, so fire up those cat videos or watch a favorite funny movie.
  7. Have a glass of water: Fight dehydration-related fatigue by drinking plenty of water.
  8. Get some sun: Sunshine  invigorates your body and stimulates the production of vitamin D. Don’t forget to wear sunblock!
  9. Have some chocolate: Not only is it delicious; it has flavonoids that have been shown to boost cognitive skills and improve mood.